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Balance & Breathe

At Studio 24 we recognize that the mind & body are not separate entities to be treated independently

We have launched Balance and Breathe for you to find harmony & balance in your body, mind and day to day life. 

In our busy lives do we stop to breathe, focus our minds and listen to what our bodies need?

Balance & Breathe offers physical stretching and gentle movement to soothe the body.

Breathing and Mindful practices to connect mind and body.

Massage and Reiki Treatments to ease and balance the whole being.

You can participate in several different ways. A single treatment, Group Sessions, A Balance & Breathe 1-2-1 Course or perhaps invite us to your work place?

Single Treatments

£35.00 for 45mins


Indian Head Massage

Swedish Massage

AromaTouch *

(*A Gentle Massage with Do TERRA Essential Oils)

Group Classes 

Wednesdays on a Monthly Basis

See booking schedule for dates and times

£15.00 per person max 8 people.

Balance & Breathe 1-2-1 Course

4 weeks £180.00

Each Session will begin with gentle movement, breathing and mindfulness followed by

Week 1 AromaTouch

Week 2 Reiki Chakra Balance

Week 3 Indian Head Massage

Week 4 Swedish Essential Oils Massage

Workplace Wellbeing

£10.00 per person min 6 people max 20 people

Offer your staff or colleagues a Feel Good Friday! We will visit your workplace to ease everyone into the weekend at the end of a busy working week.

The day will start with a group mindfulness and breathing practice with techniques that can be taken back to the desk.

Then each person will receive a 10minute neck and shoulder massage with optional essential oils and Reiki.

To discuss your requirements and book our services please call Jen on 07876 032732